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  Prescription information

We supply a large range of prescription medication.

However, most items we sell do not need a prescription, only those highlighted with “PRESCRIPTION REQUIRED”, are legally classified as Prescription Only Medicines POMs. For these POMs, you will need to supply us with a valid veterinary prescription before we are permitted to dispatch them to you. Please read the points below to see how easy this is, and what a huge cost saving can be made.

Please use our site to compare your vets prices with ours. To avoid confusion however please wait until you actually have the completed prescription before placing an order.

How do I order a prescription item?

1) Compare our price, with the price the vet charges for the same strength and quantity of medication remembering that our price includes VAT.

2) Obtain a prescription from the vet for the required medication.

3) Place an order on-line for the item(s) detailed on the prescription.

4) Post prescription to us.

How do I get a veterinary prescription?
These should be provided by your animal’s vet. Simply ask. You may wish to print off one of our prescription forms (click here) for the vet to complete or they may provide you with one of their own.
For regular medication it will usually be more convenient to get a repeatable prescription (see below). You then need to post the prescription to us before we can dispatch your medicines.
Will my vet charge for providing a prescription?
From October 31st 2008, veterinary surgeons may make a reasonable charge for written prescriptions. They should not make unreasonable charges that could be regarded as a deterrent by clients who might otherwise ask for a prescription. Such practice would be considered unprofessional and could be the basis of a complaint to the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.
A veterinary surgeon must not discriminate between clients who are supplied with a prescription and those who are not in relation to fees charged for other goods and services.
Even allowing for the prescription charge you will often find that we are still considerably cheaper than obtaining the medication from the vet, and this is almost certainly the case for repeatable prescriptions.
Repeatable prescriptions may be dispensed multiple times (eg. monthly instalments for six months), but will only incur one prescription charge from the vet.
Repeatable prescriptions.
Do I have to get a new prescription every time?
Not if you ask the vet to supply a repeat prescription. These are normal prescription forms that specify the number of times a medication may be supplied.
For example, a one month course of tablets may be repeated a further five times, giving a total of six instalments each lasting one month. As this prescription will only incur one charge from the vet it will save you a considerable amount of money.
Of course, the vet must decide that this is appropriate for the best care of the animal. In practice the vet may issue a prescription for six months supply but would then assess the animal again before authorising further supplies.
Once you supply us with a repeatable prescription we will send you the first instalment and a reference number. You may collect further instalments when needed, simply by entering this reference number in the "prescription number box" when re-ordering.
Can my vet refuse to issue a prescription?
A vet should never refuse to write a prescription just because the items will be dispensed elsewhere.
A veterinary surgeon must not discriminate between clients who are supplied with a prescription and those who are not in relation to fees charged for other goods or services.
Can I get any prescription medication ?

Yes, but we believe drugs to treat acute (rapid onset, short term) conditions are probably best obtained from the diagnosing vet. This ensures on the spot treatment and so can reduce the duration of animal ill health.

Animals that have chronic (long-term) or repeating conditions requiring regular treatment are those best suited to having their prescription drugs dispensed by animal medication direct.


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